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Laurence E. Fosgate is a graduate of Eckerd College who also studied at the University of London. Ed has become known as one of the top residential landscape designers in central Florida. From private lessons to art school, learning the essentials of drawing, painting, sculpting and design have been a centerpiece of his life. His art work has been collected by a very impressive group of art aficionados and is on display now at 'Antiques on the Avenue' in Winter Park. 
For several years, Ed directed and taught the City of Orlando's Art Program from its downtown studio, inspiring many to pursue their dreams in art. His knowledge of history and culture give him added perspective to deepen his student's understanding. Ed follows in the time honored tradition from the Resaissance through today and seeks to inspire students to produce their best work.

Please call: 407-754-5954 for more information about the gallery or art lessons. 


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